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0033 2 40 17 86 32
0033 6 89 38 82 69
Nantes University,
GeM ( Research institute of Civil And Mechanical Engineering)
GEM, IUT, département Génie Civil
52 rue Michel Ange
44600 Saint Nazaire
Brief Curriculum Vitae
2003 – HDR  Habilitation to supervise research from the University of Nantes (Civil Engineering)
1989 - PhD Civil Engineering, ENSM Nantes (Ecole Centrale de Nantes currently ECN) - University of Nantes
1985 - Master of Civil Engineering, ENSM de Nantes (ECN now)
Professional Experience:
2004: Professor at the IUT de Saint Nazaire, Nantes University
1995: 1st class lecturer at IUT de Saint-Nazaire, Nantes University
1991: Lecturer 2nd Class A at the IUT de Bordeaux, Bordeaux 1 University
Further information:
• Co- Director of the laboratory UMR-CNRS GeM (120 people)
• Leader of the research team Geomaterials Water Interactions of GeM (20 people)
• Responsible for the license professional “conduct of public civil works projects (IUT Saint Nazaire)
• Expert for the aeres (evaluation of a research laboratory)
• Member of the Scientific Council of the AUGC (association of french civil engineering)
• Member of the Board of the IUT Saint Nazaire
• Elected member of the Board of the IUT Saint Nazaire
Research interests related to the TDC
The research that I develop with my team for several years deals with transfers in concrete under mechanical and environmental coupled sollicitations.
We adopted an experimental and modeling approachs.
For permeability, the work done as part of the doctoral thesis of Vincent Picandet and Marta Choinska showed that the permeability of concrete were related to mechanical damage and temperature. We were able to decouple these two effects.
Finally, for dffusiont, the work of Assia Djerbi showed that the diffusion coefficient of chloride ions was related to crack opening (w). an experimental relationship has been demonstrated.
I intend to co-operate primarily in the following group during the initial phase:
X Group Acontributing to the literature review
X Group Bcontributing to the comparative test
Relevant Publications
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