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Prof. Tiejun ZHAO

Last name
First name
P. R. China
Qingdao Technological University
11# Fushun Road, Sifang District,
Qingdao, 266033, P. R. China
Brief Curriculum Vitae
1980.09-1984.07Northeastern University,Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering
1984.08-1987.01Northeastern University,Master Degree in Building Materials
1987.02-1994.03Staff member of Qingdao Technological University
1994.04-1997.06Tsinghua University,Doctor Degree in Building Materials
1997.07-now   Associate Professor, Professor, President Assistant, and Vice
President at Qingdao Technological University
Research interests related to the TDC
1. High Strenth / High Performance Concrete
2. Durability of Concrete, Maintenance and Repair
3. Deterioration Mechanism of Concrete
4. Strain Hardening Cement-based Composites (SHCC)
5. Surface Treatment and Protection for Concrete
6. Properties of Concrete under Combined Environmental and Mechanical Loads
7. Service Life of Concrete Structurs
I intend to co-operate primarily in the following group during the initial phase:
X Group B: contributing to the comparative test
Relevant Publications
1.        Durability of Subsea Tunnels》.China Communication Press2010(in Chinese)
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5.        Durability of Reinforced Concrete under Combined Mechanical and Climatic Loads》.Aedificatio Publishers2005
6.        《高强与高性能混凝土及其应用》.中国建材工业出版社.2004
. Papers:
1. Fuxiang Jiang, Folker H. Wittmann, Tiejun Zhao, Furu Li and Song Gao. Chloride Penetration into the cracked tensile zone of reinforced concrete structures before and after water repellent treatment, Delft, 2010.10.
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