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Dr. Fuxiang JIANG

Last name
Associate professor
First name
Qingdao Technological Univiersity
School of Civil Engineering, Qingdao Technological University, 266033
Brief Curriculum Vitae
In September 1991-July 1995: Undergraduate studies in Transportation and Civil Engineering at Shijiazhuang Railway Institute (P. R. China)
In September 1995-July 1998: Graduate studies in Hydrogeological and Engineering Geological at Chengdu Institute of Technology (P. R. China)
In July 1998-Today: Teaching and research at Qingdao Technological University (P. R. China)
In September 2005-June 2011: PH.D studies (in service study) in disaster prevention project and protective engineering at Xian Building Technology University (P. R. China)
Research interests related to the TDC
The topic of My Ph.D thesis is Influence of Static and Dynamic Mechanical Load on Durability and Service Life of Reinforced Concrete Structures. Now, I am studying deeply on the durability of concrete under combined mechanical and environmental loads. In the current experimental study, uniaxial tensile/compressive mechanical loads are combined with carbonation and chloride penetration. 
I intend to co-operate primarily in the following group during the initial phase:
□ Group Acontributing to the literature review
Group Bcontributing to the comparative test
Relevant Publications
(1)           F. X. Jiang, F.H. Wittmann, and T. J. Zhao. Influence of mechanically induced damage on durability and service life of reinforced concrete structures. Restoration of Buildings and Monuments, Vol. 17, No. 1, 25-32 (2011)
(3)       Jiang Fuxiang, Liu Xiaonan, Zhao Tiejun and Wangyutian, Research on chloride penetration resistance and effect of water repellent treatment of concrete after fire. 12th International Conference on INSPECTION, APPRAISAL REPAIRS & MAINTENANCE OF STRUCRURES, Yantai, 2010,4,501-506
(4)       Fuxiang Jiang, lei Xin, Tiejun Zhao and Xiaomei Wan. Inner Damage and Anti-Chloride Penetration of High-Performance Concrete under Axial Tensile Load. 2011 International Conference on Civil Engineering and Building Materials(CEBM 2011) , July 29~31, 2011 Kunming, China
(5)       Fuxiang Jiang,Tiejun Zhao,Lei Zhao,Longjun Wang.Study on Durability of Lining Concrete of Subsea Tunnel after Fire.Third International Conference on New Development in Rock Mechanics and Engineering & Sanya Forum for the Plan of City and City Construction.2009:24-26
(6)       Jiang Fu-xiang, Zhao Tie-jun, Su Qing, Wan Xiao-mei. Study on the Durability of Lining Concrete of Subsea Tunnel [J].Concrete. 2007 (12): 19-23, (In Chinese)
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(11)   Su Qing, Jiang Fu-xiang, Zhao Tie-Jun. Experimental research on the influence of chloride attack on sea sand concrete in coastal environment[J]. Journal of Xi’an University of Architecture & Technology,2010,42 (2): 226-230 (In Chinese)
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(15)   Yu Kui-feng, Han Yu-hai, Jiang Fu-xiang, Zhao Tie-jun. Experimental Study on Compressive Strength and Durability of high performance Concrete Mixed With Fly Ash and Slag Powder[J]. Railway Architecture 2009(5) (Total 423):116-119 (In Chinese)
(16)   Xiaomei WAN, Tiejun ZHAO, Fuxiang JIANG, Qing SU. Experimental Research on Carbonation Performance of Mechanical Loaded Concrete. PROCEEDIN GS OF THE FIFTH SYMPOSIUM ON STRAIT CROSSINGS, TRONDHEIM, NORWAY JUNE 21–24, 2009: 525-530
(17)   F. H. Wittmann, T. Zhao, P. Zhang and F. Jiang. Service Life of reinforced concrete structures under combined mechanical and environmental loads, 2nd International Symposium Service life Design for Infrastructure, Delft, 2010.10,

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