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Chairlady: Prof. Yao Yan
Secretary: Dr. Cao Yin
Address: China Building Materials Academy, Guanzhuang Dongli 1#, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100024, China.
Phone: 86-10-51167489
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Prof. Yan YAO

Last name
Professor, PhD supervisor, President
First name
China Building Materials Academy
1# Guanzhuang Dongli,Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Brief Curriculum Vitae
Mar.,1978-Feb.,1982 Tongji University, Shanghai, Bachelor of Building Materials and Products
1982-1993, engineer, China Building Materials Academy
1993-1999, senior engineer, China Building Materials Academy
1996-1998, senior engineer, director, China Building Materials Academy
1997-2001, senior engineer, director, assistant president, China Building Materials Academy
1999-present, PhD supervisor, professor grade engineer, China Building Materials Academy
2001.1-present, president, China Building Materials Academy
2007.12-present, head, The State Key Lab of Green Building Materials
Title: President of China Building Materials Academy
Chief Scientist and Director of State Key Lab. of Green Building Materials
Membership of Professional Societies
President of China Concrete Admixture Association
Vice President of China Building Material Federation
Vice President of China Ceramic Society
Vice President of China Cement Association
Vice President of China Cement Products Industry Association
Vice Director of China Building Material Industry Science & Education Committee
Visiting Professor of Tongji University, Wuhan University of Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, Beijing University of Technology
Research Projects
2009-present Basic Research Project on Energy Efficient Cement Production and Application (973 Program)
2008-2009    Reutilization of Waste Building Materials in Seismic Zones and Demonstration of Earthquake-resistant and Energy Saving Housing
2007-2009    Key Technologies and Equipments for Green Production of Building Materials (Key Projects in the National Science & Technology Pillar Program in the Eleventh Five-year Plan Period)
2005-2006      Comparison of Two Experimental Methods to Study the Influence of Mineral and Organic Admixtures on Mitigation of Alkali-Silica Reaction of Concrete in the Qinghai-Tibet Railway Project
2004-2008    Research on Control of Raw Materials and Mechanisms of Volume Change of Concrete and Formation of Cracks (Major Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China)
2004-2006    Research on Alkali-reactivity of Aggregate of Concrete for Qinghai-Tibet Railway Project, Validity Assessment Method on Restraining Effect of Alkali-Aggregate Reaction in Qinghai-Tibet Railway Project
2001-2003    Research on New and High Performance Concrete and Durability (National Key Technologies R & D Program of China during the 10th Five-Year Plan Period)
1996-2000    Research on Safety of Concrete for Key Engineering Projects (National Key Technologies R & D Program of China during the 9th Five-Year Plan Period)
             Research on Optimization of Concrete Admixtures for the Three Gorges Dam
1993-1997    Research on Durability and Failure Mechanism of Concrete for the Three Gorges Dam (Major Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China)
             Research on High Strength and High Performance of Materials Structure and Mechanical behavior of Concrete (National Natural Science Foundation of China)
1988-1993    Research on Concrete Mix Design for Nuclear-Waste Barrel in Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant
6 M, 8 PhD, 5 Post-Doc
Research interests related to the TDC
  • Durability of High performance concret
  • Test method , equipment, damage mechanism of Reinforced Concrete Under Synergistic Effects of Cyclic Freeze-thaw, Deicing salt Attack, Rebar Corrosion and Bending load
  • Thaumasite Formation
  • SHCC(Engineered Cementitious Composites)
I intend to co-operate primarily in the following group during the initial phase:
X Group Acontributing to the literature review
XGroup Bcontributing to the comparative test
Relevant Publications
Prof. YAO Yan has published more than 100 papers and books. Most recent publications are listed below:
1. Volume Deformation and Cracking Control of High Performance Concrete, 2011, China Architecture & Building Press;
2. High Performance Concrete, 2006, Chemical Industry Press;
3. Technical Guideline for Energy Saving and Emission Reduction of Building Materials, 2010, Chemical Industry Press;
1. YAO Yan, Research Progress of Advanced Cement and Cement-based Materials, 2010, China Materials Progress, 299):1-8;
2. YAO Yan,Research on High Performance Concrete – Extension of the Service life of China Key Engineering Projects to one Hundred Years, 2009, Ready-Mixed Concrete, 71-4;
3. YAO Yan, Research and Application of High Performance Concrete and Concrete Durability in China, 2006, Proceedings of 6th International Conference on Cement and Concrete, 793-798;in English
4. YAO YanWU Hao, WANG Ling, Research on Mechanism of Shrinkage Reducing Agents Based on Pore Solution, 2011, Journal of Building Materials, 141):1-5;
5. GAO Lingxiong, YAO Yan, WANG Ling, Effect of Temperature on Thaumasite Formation, 2005, Journal the Chinese Ceramic Society, 106):631-635;
6. HUANG Pengfei, BAO Yiwang, YAO Yan. Influence of HCl corrosion on the mechanical properties of concrete, 2005, Cement and Concrete Research, 35584-589,;in English
7. HUANG Pengfei, BAO Yiwang, YAO Yan. Damage of Reinforced Concrete under Synergistic Effects of Freeze-thaw cycle under Deicing-salt Attack, Rebar Corrosion and Bending Load, 2005, Industry Architecture, 355):6367;
8. J. Zhao, X.-M. Wang, J.M. Chang, Y. Yao, Q. Cui. Sound Insulation Property of Wood-Waste Tire Rubber Composite, 2010, Composite Science and Technology, 70(30):2033-2038; in English
9. WANG Ling, TIAN Pei, YAO Yan, Research on Safe Aggregate Mining in Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Zone, 2001, China Building Materials Industry Press, 147-152;
10. YANG Yingzi, GAO Xiaojian, DENG Hongwei, YU Pengzhan, YAO Yan, Effect of Water-binder Ratio on the Properties of Engineered Cementitious Composites, 2010, Journal of Wuhan University of Technology Material Science, 25(2)298-302; in English
11. WU Hao, YAO Yan, WANG Ling, Influence of Shrinkage Reducing Admixtures on Volume Stability of Cement Paste and Its Mechanism, 2010, Journal the Chinese Ceramic Society, 383):478-485;
12. LI Qinghai, YAO Yan, SUN Bei, LI Zongjin, Investigation on Behavior of Thermal Expansion of Hydraulic Cement Paste, 2007, Journal of Building Materials, 106):631-635.