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Prof. Christoph GEHLEN

Last name
Prof. Dr.-Ing.
First name
+49 89 28927062
Technical University Munich
TU Munich
cbm (Center for Building Materials)
Baumbachstr. 7
81245 München
Brief Curriculum Vitae
04/88 - 10/89
Study of Physics, Chemistry and Mineralogy
(Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelm-Universität Bonn)
10/89 - 10/95
Study of Civil Engineering at the Technical University Aachen (RWTH) Aachen
Diploma Thesis at the RWTH Aachen: „Grundlegende Untersuchungen zum Korrosionsschutz von Bewehrungsstählen durch aufgeschmolzene Epoxidharz- beschichtungen"
Institut für Bauforschung, RWTH Aachen
Research Assistant in the Working Group „Reinforced Concrete and Reinforcements"
01/99 - 12/99
Group Leader at the Institut für Bauforschung, RWTH Aachen of the working group "Reinforced Concrete and Reinforcements"
Dissertation at the RWTH Aachen
Theme: "Probabilistische Lebensdauerbemessung von Stahlbetonbauwerken - Zuverlässigkeitsbetrachtungen zur wirksamen Vermeidung von Bewehrungskorrosion",
Dissertation was awarded with the Readymix-Förderpreis 2000 and the Rüsch-Forschungspreis 2001
from 03.01.2000
Partner of Consultancy Prof. Schießl, Munich, since 07.01.2007 partner of Consultancy Schießl Gehlen Sodeikat GmbH
SS 03 - SS 05
Lecturer at the TU Munich „Bauschäden in der Praxis“
04/06 - 09/08
Professor of Building Materials, University of Stuttgart; Director of the Instituts „Werkstoffe im Bauwesen (IWB)“ und Director of Materialprüfanstalt University of Stuttgart
(MPA Universität Stuttgart (Otto-Graf-Institut)
from 10.01.2008
Professor of Building Materials and Material Testing at the TU Munich und Director of the Munich Building Material Institute, Munich
Research interests related to the TDC
  • Durability Issues
  • Testing Issues
I intend to co-operate primarily in the following group during the initial phase:
X Group Acontributing to the literature review
X Group Bcontributing to the comparative test
Relevant Publications
1.              Gehlen, C.; Schießl, P.: Probability-Based Durability Design for the Western Scheldt Tunnel. In: Structural Concrete Journal of the fib P1 (1999), Nr. 2, S. 1-7
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3.              Siemes, A.J.M.; Gehlen, C.; Lindvall, A.; Arteaga, A.; Ludwig, H.-M.: Statistical Quantification of the variables in the limit state function. Brussels: European Union - Brite EuRam, 1999. Contract BRPR-CT95-0132, Project BE95-1347, Document BE95-1347/Draft R9, June 1999
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8.              Schießl, P.; Gehlen, C.: New approach of service life design for concrete structures. Proc. of Int. Workshop “Durability of Reinforced Concrete under Combined Mechanical and Climatic Loads (CMCL)”, Qingdao, China, Oct. 2005, pp 3-14
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10.           Gehlen, C.: Durability design according to the New Model Code for Service Life Design. In: F. Toutlemonde, K. Sakai, O.E. Gjørv, N. Banthia (Eds.) “Concrete under severe conditions - Environment and Loading”, Proc. of 5th Intern. Conference CONSEC´07, Tours, 04.-06.2007, Vol. 1, pp 35-50
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