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Dr. Weihong LI


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Associate Professor

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Department of Civil Engineering, Dalian University


Department of Civil Engineering, Dalian University, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Dalian City, Liaoning Province. 

Brief Curriculum Vitae

    Li Weihong, female, born in July 1971, Dalian, Liaoning province, Doctor of materials science and engineering ,the postdoctoral of structure engineering, associate professor of Dalian university. I am the magazine editor of "Foreign Building Materials Science and Technology", the director of "testing technology branch of China silicate institute", the Construction Engineering evaluation experts of Liaoning Provincial. I am mainly engaged in the teaching and research work of civil engineering materials and structural characteristics. In recent years I assumed a number of provincial and ministerial level and the State Key Laboratory of Green Building projects. In academic journals and international conferences, published papers and a monograph, including six papers retrieved by SCI, eleven papers retrieved by EI, five papers retrieved by ISTP.


Research interests related to the TDC   

I am mainly engaged in civil engineering and structural characteristics of materials. Early I have been carried out on durability of concrete projects and thesis writing work. In addition, I am particularly interested in chloride ion penetration and the durability of concrete under the action of the multi-factor coupling rule. At the same time, I am also very interested in papers about the durability of concrete, and reluctant to write relevant papers. Finally, I am pretty interested in test methods and means of the concrete durability, and enjoy doing experiments to explore new testing method.

Relevant Publications


    1) The Brief Analysis of Photovoltaic Insulating Glass in the Process Service, Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 539 (2013) pp. 220-224Retrieval EI, ISTP retrieval, the first author.

2) Thermal Stress Analysis of Photovoltaic Hollow Glass Based on ANSYS, Key Engineering Materials, Vol.544 (2013) pp. 339-342Retrieving EI, ISTP retrieval, the first author.              

3The Analysis of the Function and Principle on Air Cooling PV Double-glass Window, Key Engineering Materials, Vol.492 (2012) pp. 539-542Retrieving EI, ISTP retrieval, the first author.

4)Influence of Protective Layer Thickness on the Mechanical Properties of  Reinforced Concrete BeamAdvanced Materials Research Vols. 177 (2011) pp. 549-553Retrieving EI,  retrieval ISTP, the first author.                                              

    5)Influence of the Reinforcement’s Number on the Mechanical Properties of the Reinforced Concrete Beam, Advanced Materials Research Vols. 105-106 (2010) pp. 723-728Retrieving EI,  retrieval ISTP, the first author.   

    6)Stress and deformation research of large aggregate concrete in discontinuous points, journal of Dalian university of technology ,201050(1): 99-102Retrieving EI, the first author.

    7Brittle material of subcritical crack growth and the numerical simulation of the influence of the bidirectional stress of rare metal materials and engineering, 2009.12, Free supplement 2, retrieval Sci, the first author.

    8The numerical simulation research of protective layer thickness on component fracture impact , journal of Wuhan university of technology, 2009, 31 (7) : 137-140, the national level, the second author.

    9Reinforced protective layer thickness on the influence of reinforced concrete structural behavior, journal of Dalian university, 2008, 29 (6), ISSN1008-2395, CN21-1390 / G4, published in December 2008, the provincial level, the first author.

    10Stress ratio on brittle material fracture and strain fracture criterion, journal of Dalian university of technology, 2007,47 (3) : 403-407, Retrieval EI , the first author.

    11The Influence of Stress Ratio on the Fracture Behavior of Brittle Materials, Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 353-358 (2007) pp. 937-940Retrieving EI, retrieval ISTP , the first author.   

    12The influence of different stress ratio on brittle material fracture research , journal of Dalian university, 2007, 28 (6), ISSN1008-2395, CN21-1390 / G4, published in December 2007, the provincial level, the first author.



  1) Numerical simulation and analysis of glass material failure process, Beijing Normal University Press, 2011.1, Editor in chief.

  2) Glass surface treatment technology, Chemical Industry Press, 2004.7, Be involved in programming of 100000 words. The book gets the Ninth China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Award outstanding scientific books.

  3) Building materials, China Metrology Press, 2010.6, Associate editor.

4) Engineering Valuation curriculum design guidance, China Quality Press, 2013.1, Editor in chief.


Research Projects:

  1) High performance concrete durability research under the action of Chlorine salt environment and sustained load coupling (L2013466), The science and technology research projects of Education department of Liaoning province,  2014.1-2016.12,  The project leader.

  2) Stress analysis of photovoltaic glass in service (YA-453), China Building Materials Academy National Key Laboratory of Green Building Materials Fund Project, 2012.7-2014.6, The project leader.

3) Based on information visualization technology for mining subsidence new theory of evolution (51174038), National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2012.1-2015.12, The fourth completed person.

    4) Research on the key technology of reclamation of mining damage area. (2008S011), Education department of Liaoning province’s scientific research projects in higher Institutions. 2012.1-2015.12, The project leader.

  5) Large aggregate concrete multiaxial strength criterion test and numerical simulation research (20060400970), China Postdoctoral Science Foundation Projects, 2005.10-2008.6, The project leader.

  6) Failure criterion and failure analysis research of Large aggregate concrete under the complex stress, Liaoning province Dr. Start-up fund projects. 2008.1-2010.12, The project leader.

  7) Strength criterion test and numerical simulation research of large aggregate concrete under multiaxial stress state, The Open Project Funded Projects of Civil Engineering, Durability Key Laboratory in Shenzhen, 2007.9-2009.9, The project leader.


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