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RILEM中国分会成立庆典 Launch of China National Group of RILEM
Date:2014-8-11  View counts:4683

        On 3 August 2014, the RILEM China National Group was successfully launched in an inaugural meeting at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Hong Kong. Prof Miao Changwen, elected President of RILEM China Group, chaired the meeting, and gave a warm and friendly welcome to all participants, who numbered about 50 including local students. He then briefly summarised the Minutes of the Preparatory Meeting of RILEM China Group, held in Nanjing in October 2013. 

作为RILEM International的代表,RILEM 主席Mark Alexander 教授介绍了RILEM的基本情况,以及其会员的权利与义务。此外,他同时谈到了Geert de Schutter教授在中国促进RILEM发展的卓有成效工作。作为此次会议承办单位的代表,香港科技大学梁坚凝教授幽默地谈到自己对RILEM InternationalRILEM中国分会的理解和期望。接下来,缪昌文教授和参会专家们共同讨论了RILEM中国分会的章程,以及未来几年内的活动计划。所有参会专家都对RILEM及其中国分会表达了浓厚的兴趣。此外,参会专家们积极讨论了RILEM中国分会成员之间未来可能的合作方向,并对RILEM出版物的翻译工作与学术期刊出版物的创建可行性进行了广泛、深入的讨论。
         On behalf of RILEM International, President Mark Alexander made a presentation about RILEM and its membership benefits and opportunities. He also mentioned the work over many years of Prof Geert de Schutter in promoting RILEM in China. As the representative of the local organizing committee of HKUST, Prof Christopher K.Y. Leung humorously talked about his understanding and expectation for RILEM and its division of China. Thereafter, Prof Miao and the participants discussed a revised version of the Statutes of the RILEM China National Group, as well as activities that could be organized in coming years. All participants showed lots of interests in RILEM and its national division in China. There was also discussion about possible future collaboration between members of RILEM China Group, and an exchange of views on translation of RILEM publications and the possibility for a new journal. 

         To conclude the meeting, Prof LI Zongjin from HKUST, elected as the first Vice-President of RILEM China National Group, was invited to make an academic report on latest progress of cementitious materials.  Finally, a group photograph was taken with the impressive signature statue of HKUST in the background. 

         Participants express their good expectations in RILEM and its division in China, and looked forward to making their contributions for the development of materials and structures, and to sharing their own knowledge and experience with international colleagues. 

RILEM 主席Prof. Mark Alexander发表公开信,表示祝贺。详情请见“致RILEM中国分会的公开信 Open Letter to the CHINA National Group of RILEM”。



RILEM中国分会主席:缪昌文 教授、院士, 东南大学; 


  李宗津 教授(第一副主席),香港科技大学;

  胡曙光 教授,武汉理工大学;

  姚燕 教授,中国建筑材料科学研究院总院;

  顾祥林 教授,同济大学;

  徐世烺 教授,浙江大学; 

秘书长:刘加平 教授,江苏省建筑科学研究院。

CHINA National Group Presidium (i.e. Elected Office Bearers for 2014-2017)

President: Prof MIAO Changwen

First Vice-President: Prof LI Zongjin

Vice-Presidents: Prof HU Shu Guang

   Prof YAO Yan

   Prof GU Xiang Lin

   Prof XU Shi Lang 

General Secretary: Prof LIU Jia Ping