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 International Seminar on Durability of concrete under combined mechanical and environmental actions in Beijing, October, 2015

The international seminar on “Durability of Concrete under Combined Mechanical and Environmental Actions” has been hold on Tuesday, 13 October in Beijing in conjuction with ICCC 2015. 32 participants from 8 countries attended the seminar. Entrusted by Prof. Yao Yan, Prof. Wittmann chaired the International conference.

Main points of the international seminar are as following

 The main achievements of RILEM TC 246-TDC were introduced to the public for the first time.

Introductory Remarks were given by Prof. F. H. Wittmannn fromAedificat Institute Freiburg, Germany; Test methods were introduced by Dr. Balqis Md Yunus from Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. Test results of compression were presented by Prof. Nele De Belie from Ghent University, Belgium; Test results of tension were presented by Prof. Ling Wang from China Building Materials Academy, China; Modeling and prediction      were introduced by Dr. Sylvia Keßler from Technical University of  Munich, Germany.

 Two invited presentations related to the TC topic were given to widen the range of combination actions;

— The influence of freeze-thaw loading on chloride ingress into concrete ( Erika Holt, VTT, Finland)

— Influence of cracks on the transport properties of structural concretes (Kefei  Li, Tsinghua Univ., China )